From the world of contract, to hotel rooms, to the philosophy of well-being: the path of Spa Elements begins with Charisma Contract and reaches an increasingly large number of hoteliers and customers, who use the spaces proposed and created by us to regenerate themselves in body and spirit.

Finished materials and products, environmentally friendly and bioethical, modules in bio-architecture, swimming pools with purification systems with reduced chemical input, lighting with therapeutic charm and entire dream environments for treatments and relaxation to indulge in, without thinking about everyday life … Spa Elements brings you in an inner spiritual dimension with attainable luxury, elegance, taste and the pleasure of escapism: to conquer a horizon of freedom, in your wellness center, in your room, in the hotel, where the emotions transmitted by the created atmosphere can take the mind away, overcoming daily thoughts and problems. A reassuring Nirvana in every dimension …

The well-being of Spa Elements can be found in the turquoise transparencies of the pool water, in the iridescent and dynamic nuance of chromotherapy, in the scents of the essences that permeate the rooms, always making the welcome of these places at the highest level